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Adoration Chapel

Open 24 Hours

The Adoration Chapel in Bassendean not only serves as a sanctuary for perpetual adoration but also operates seamlessly through a meticulously organized roster. This unique feature ensures that the 24-hour adoration chapel is consistently attended, allowing worshippers to participate in continuous prayer and reflection. The roster system symbolizes a shared commitment among the faithful, as individuals come together to dedicate specific time slots, creating a harmonious and uninterrupted flow of adoration.

To become part of the dedicated roster for the 24-hour Adoration Chapel in Bassendean, individuals are encouraged to reach out to Tina Russo.

Moreover, to enhance the safety and security of this spiritual haven, the Adoration Chapel in Bassendean is equipped with CCTV cameras. These cameras provide a watchful eye over the premises, ensuring that worshippers can engage in prayer and contemplation in a secure environment.