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Photos of various Events in our Parish

A collection of recent Events

Ash Wednesday - Kindy & Pre-primary visit

Photos of Father Suresh on Ash Wednesday.

The Kindergarten & Pre-primary students were so excited to have him visit their classrooms.

We hope to organise more visits to the older classes in the coming weeks during the season of Lent.

Fr Suresh, distributing Ashes to students.

Our Lady's Procession

In the heart of St. Joseph’s Bassendean, the revered tradition of Our Lady’s Procession unfolded once more. With deep devotion and unity, parishioners gathered to partake in this cherished event, symbolizing the enduring strength of tradition and faith within the community.


Parishioners joyfully reunited for the first AGM post-COVID, embodying resilience and hope. Beyond administrative discussions, the meeting sparked excitement about forming diverse parish groups. From social committees to outreach initiatives, the gathering symbolized a collective commitment to strengthening community bonds and emerging stronger from past challenges.

Personal Advocacy Service (PAS)

“Commissioning and recommitment” of Catechists to the Ministry of Personal Advocacy Service (PAS) in advocating for People-With-Intellectual-Disabilities (PWID) under the Archdiocese of Perth program (Which was established in WA since the year 1989).
Event was: The presentation of provisional accreditation – commissioning and recommitment.  This event is held every 4 years only.  
The recent accreditation was commissioned by the Rev. Bishop Donald Sproxton –  on Thursday,  26th October 2023 at St Mary’s Cathedral – CBD Perth.