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History of St. Joseph’s Church


Fr Richard Robertsen

Fr. Richard Robertsen

2001 to 2002

In early June 2001, Fr. Richard Robertsen assumed the role of the Priest in charge and later became the 5th Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s on June 27, 2001.

Fr. Robertsen’s tenure saw significant renovations within the Church. Beginning in August 2002, a transformative project unfolded, including the installation of a new ceiling and an extension of the Sacristy to incorporate a storeroom. Originally planned for six weeks, the renovation project extended beyond expectations, concluding at the end of October. Throughout this period, the Parish community rallied together, with individuals regularly attending to clear dust and ensure the Church was immaculate for weekend Masses.

A noteworthy addition during this period was the acquisition and use of the Altar from St. Mark’s Church, Ashfield, specifically designated for the Blessed Sacrament in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

The Altar from St. Mark’s Church in Ashfield

The Altar from St Mark's Church in Ashfield

In August 2001, the anticipation for a new chapter grew as the site plans and elevations for the new Parish Community Centre were unveiled in the Church foyer. On May 27, 2002, the construction of the center commenced, marking the beginning of a transformative period. The process, however, unfolded over nearly two years, bridging the gap from the unfortunate burning down of the old Church Hall to the grand opening of the new hall.

As the construction progressed, May 2002 brought a temporary shift in leadership. Fr. Richard went on sick leave during this period and unfortunately, due to ongoing health concerns, he resigned at the end of September.

Fr. Tiziano Bogoni

Fr Tiziano Bogoni

2002 to 2005

On the 22nd of November 2002, a new chapter unfolded as Fr. Tiziano Bogoni took on the role of Priest in charge of St. Joseph’s Bassendean. With his appointment, a sense of anticipation and renewed energy filled the Parish.

A significant milestone was reached on the 8th December 2002 when Bishop Don Sproxton visited to officiate the opening of the new Parish Hall.

The New Parish Hall

Under Fr. Bogoni’s leadership, the Church underwent several enhancements. Life-sized statues were introduced, including the Sacred Heart, standing at 1.9 meters, Saint Michael at a height of 1.6 meters and St. Joseph, also at a height of 1.6 meters. Additionally, the statue of Our Lady Help of Christians, standing at 1.6 meters, was acquired during this period. These statues brought new visual elements to the Church, enriching the spiritual ambiance.

Furthermore, Fr. Bogoni oversaw the installation of the current surround of the tabernacle, enhancing the sacred space within the Church.

A momentous occasion unfolded on the 13th of June 2004, as Perpetual Adoration was inaugurated at St. Joseph’s. The Chapel was established in what was previously the Meeting room in the new Parish centre. Adhering to a commitment to continuous prayer, forms for Perpetual Adoration were made available for adorers to fill in, pledging their dedicated hour around the clock.

New Tabernacle at St Joseph's Church, Bassendean

The Grotto

New Grotto at St Joseph's Church, Bassendean

On the 7th of September 2005, Fr. Bogoni shared a significant announcement with the Parish Council – the construction of the Grotto. This noteworthy addition aimed to become a focal point of spiritual devotion within the Parish. Importantly, the labor for this project was generously provided free of charge by Mr. Angelo Bonseraglia, exemplifying a community coming together for a shared spiritual endeavor.